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25 year shelf life

25 Year Shelf-Life meals come in individual, mylar-sealed packets. Each packet contains 4 servings of delicious, nutrition packed food.

Sealed freeze dried food packets

Ready Made Meal Packets are kept secure in light-weight protective buckets which are delivered right to your door.

Stackable food storage buckets

Lightweight & Compact Buckets in no more space than your washing machine takes up. These buckets are square and easy to stack & store anywhere in your home.

Just Add Water To The Food

Just Add Water and eat! These means can prepared in just a few minutes with boiling water. In case of an emergency and you cannot boil water, cool water will work just fine... Preparation time is just a little longer.

Nutritious & Delicious Food

Nutritious, Long-Lasting & Affordable is what makes our food perfect for you and your family... And did we mention that these actually taste great. Even your kids will love it!

Relax... You're now prepared

You're Now Prepared and do not have to worry about having food supplies in case of an emergency or natural disaster.

What Makes a Reliable Emergency Food Supply Kit?

Natural disasters strike during least expected times. This is why it is only crucial to create a reliable and fool-proof disaster preparedness plan. It is undeniable that an emergency food supply is the most important part of a survival kit. It is true that humans can survive without food for many a days. It is worth taking note though, that humans need energy during the first few days of being in a highly-stressed disaster situation. Water brings nourishment to the body, but it’s not enough to supply the body of calories that are needed to be utilized to get out of horrid and disastrous conditions.


An emergency food supply can be directly translated to food insurance. The more emergency food that you have in storage, the higher your chances are for survival.  There are people who may find stocking up on dehydrated foods and Meals Ready to Eat a rather silly and pointless endeavor. Remember that preparing an emergency food plan is an investment. It is not a waste of money as it will be of use to you and your family regardless if there is an emergency crisis or disaster situation or not.


Top Tips when Preparing an Emergency Food Supply

An emergency supply kit should contain a variety of food groups and meals. There are companies that make it easy for you to prepare a food survival kit by incorporating as many food items in their package. If you are not aware of how you should build an emergency food supply for your family, here are a couple of shopping tips that will help you choose the right food items for your emergency food supply stash


1. Choose Emergency Food Items That Have a Long Shelf Life

Canned goods stay fresh and edible for a year or two. Dehydrated foods can stay fresh and unspoiled for thirty years. Meals that are ready to eat on the other hand can be stored for as long as twenty five years. These may all be fiction for a lot of people, as most of us consume the food in our refrigerator and pantry at a faster rate. There are food items that you can buy in the grocery store than can be included in your emergency food supply kit. Crackers and granola bars for example can last for months, even years before they expire.


It is ideal to store food items and meals that feature long shelf life. These items are usually packed with nutrients and calories. This is most true with dehydrated foods and dried frozen meals as they are designed to be consumed during emergency situations. Although these items are a bit pricey than regular, perishable foods they will most certainly provide the much needed energy and morale boost during emergency disaster situations.


2. Lightweight and Ready-to-Go Meals Are Must-Haves

Although emergency food supplies provide the calorie and energy that you need, it is also important to conserve all those energy for important activities only. Who wants to carry a heavy load of food during stressful times? Nobody does and this is one of the reasons why emergency food supplies are created to be lightweight and small.


Dehydrated meals that only need water to be eaten are very lightweight and can be carried around with ease and comfort. You don’t need bulky plastic containers for dehydrated food. Some even have utensils with them so you don’t need to carry a separate set when you are on the road or trapped in a small area inside an indoor structure.


A dependable emergency food supply is one that you can carry with you wherever you go. In this way you don’t have to worry about scavenging for food since you already have a couple of lightweight vacuum packed meals in your packet or survival bag.


3. Include Emergency Food Items That Are High in Calories

High calorie foods are just what you need during natural disasters. When you are tapped indoors and have nowhere else to go, you may suddenly become weak and tired even when you’re isolated in a small space. Disasters burn a lot of calories. The body may not be doing any form of physical exercise, but the stress and pressure that an individual may experience is a calorie burner too.